Individual & Group Travel Insurance

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Individual & Group Travel Insurance

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Whether you are traveling on a business trip or a vacation, being abroad can leave you exposed to a variety of different risks one may take for granted in their home country. Differences between countries health care systems, legal regulations and other factors such as weather extremities, mean that ensuring you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy before you go abroad is of vital importance. Travel insurance can also protect an individual from losing their money in the event that a trip must be canceled, for example if the airline went bankrupt or if a family member falls ill. Furthermore, travel insurance protects all your luggage and possessions when abroad in case they are lost, stolen or damaged and many policies now even offer compensation if your flight is significantly delayed. Without the right insurance coverage a dream vacation can easily turn into a nightmare, burdening you with large bills and souring the whole travel experience.

Group travel insurance is a means of buying a policy to cover a group of people, usually employees or family, traveling abroad on a trip at the same time. For example colleagues sent away on a foreign business trip or a sports team, would be better off purchasing a group policy to cover them all, as multiple individual policies are likely to be far more expensive. Group travel insurance generally provides the same forms of coverage as individual policies, such as medical emergencies, cancellation and lost luggage or possessions.

For those that travel regularly, we can help to arrange Annual Travel Policies which provides for unlimited number of trips up to a maximum duration of 60-90 days for any one trip. Annual travel insurance may be the most cost-effective alternative when you or your group are travelling several times in the course of a year.


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